Hokusai Wave with a dachshund surfing into view

Bigger Wave


Everday Gift Card

Dachs Noir is the dachshunds view of the iconic French Poster Chat Noir. Every cat has had its day and now here comes the dachshund version.
An everyday greeting with a French twist to lift the spirits. Surely Lautrec would have approved of this petite stature greeting him at the famous Theatre in Paris.
Card size 144 x 144mm each packed in cello bag with a white envelope.


Bigger Wave greetings card is an amiable parody of the iconic Hokusai Wave. Just a little addition of a dachshund to this familiar scene gives a whole new meaning to this well loved image.
An everyday greeting with a dachshund twist to bring a smile. Surely Hokusai would have approved of this  addition of the dachshund surfing the waves.