Dachshund Art

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Dachsund Art Warhol parodytea towel


Dachsund Art Warhol parodytea towel

There is nothing a Dachshund owner likes better than seeking out Dachshund Art.

And there is nothing I like better than making Dachshund Art. I love the sleek shape of the dachshund’s long slim low bodies. It is a stylish addition to any design. Which is why the content of London Pooch is purely to take a well loved familiar piece of Art and enhance it with the addition of long slim low body.

Knowing that Andy Warhol was also a loving dachshund owner it was a good typographic exercise in homage to his Campbell’s Soup image to give it ‘the dachshund art treatment.’ It is a fantastic original work with interesting colour combinations I had never appreciated before. So with a lot of fiddlesome redrawing I produced one Dachshund’s Soup Can and worked on my own the variation of flavours. Then a lightbulb moment occurred. What would a dachshund prefer more than anything? Squirrel Soup of course.

My original design became a print and a card. But it was rewarding to see it printed onto fabric as a Tea Towel. It can be both a practical item in the kitchen. It looks good wrinkled up as useful towel. Or it can even look good framed purely as Dachshund Art.

Then the challenge was to tempt a small dog to pose well to be photographed by each item knowing full well throughout that this stylish dog has nothing higher on its canine mind other when his next meal is coming. Sit nicely and chances are there will be a treat. Do they think that they are conning us? Do we think that we are conning them?


Either way it is a jolly good trade off. They are both the beauty and the beast. And we are happy to have the wool pulled over our eyes as they snuggle up and look appealing. Certainly there were plenty of treats scattered over the More Dachshund Soup Tea towel to achieve the photographs here. Annoyingly I suspect they know that they are the best Dachshund Art in the place.

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