A Little Bit About Me…

Why Dachshund Cards? I  just love the charm of my adorable dachshunds. Small noisy inquisitive and wilful. Thats the dogs. But we are all fairly energetic for our sizes. Maybe they really are my alter ego..

Having worked as a Book Designer and Visualiser for many years I wrote and Illustrated two children books. After our son was born in 1991 we considered it was time to get a dog. The only dog being the design classic miniature dachshund which was my family pet as a child.

First Archie and Doug and then Ned and Henry. They are my barking muses. Their sophisticated shape fits well on greetings cards, tea towels and prints on our walls where they have continued to creep into more famous paintings. I hadn’t realised just how the presence of a small long dog can brighten our household and give a new dimension to a piece of well loved fine art. It has led me to study more fine paintings and street art in detail which has been such a great pleasure. I am sure Picasso, Matisse and Banksy would accept my sincere homage to their works and I think they would approve. 

Loving paper ephemera I discovered the thrills of a small die cutting machine to produce the early doggy shapes to include collage pieces. Having previously worked only with paintbrush, galley type and letraset it has been an amazing learning curve to explore in more depth the delights of computer illustration. The collage aspect of producing images still fascinates but the fine art theme is so vast I continue to explore. 

I still find these these adorable dogs a source of inspiration and amusement often placing them in well loved architectural sites and iconic shops in my home town for the last 40 years – London.