Find your Dachshund Pollock Tea Towel here.

You can always spot a dachsy owner by the number of tell tale Dachshund Homewares dotted around their kitchens and living rooms. Spot the pooch in our Dachshund Pollock Tote Bag, designed to fit all those dachsy necessities. And there are so many of those!

Here you can find Dachshund Gifts to treat your friends and your dachshund loving self at all seasons of the year. The 'Time to Dry’ Banksy style Tea Towel pays homage to the man but dachshunds give it that extra dry quality. Handbag size ringbound Notebooks in a range of the pooch designs already seen as cards and prints.

Dachshunds have had to tolerate the comic name - Sausage dog. I have met pups called Sizzle and Chip(olata). They rise above this friendly derision as they know their true height is way above any other. But at London Pooch we do love a good pun. They pop up in all fields of culture. From my delight in discovering the great depiction of The Adoration of the Dachsi to the well loved Allegro of Eine Weiner Nachtmusik. Not forgetting the noir crime classic The Long Good Boy or the Sandy Shaw hit song Puppy on a String which after all was a Eurovision Song weiner...

Dachs all for now folks!