Greetings Cards

For All Occasions and No Reason at All

Are dachsies weiners sausages or cultural sophisticates?

In my world they are all of those things and more. They can make you happy on your Birthday, fall in love on Valentines Day and scoff your gifts at Christmas. Here at London Pooch you can find the perfect Dachshund Greetings Cards to celebrate those occasions.

In this digital world I am pleased that we remain a nation of avid greetings card senders. The thrill of opening an envelope which obviously not an unwelcome bill or a boring reminder brings a thrill of feeling cherished by someone. Who better than a dachshund to deliver these greetings. But what is it about the simple presence of a small long dog on a greetings card that can produce so much delight? They are both comic and reassuringly sincere.

Each of my dachsy cards is hand finished with a twinkling gold detail and packed under the withering scrutiny of Ned & Henry. Many designs can be personalised on request. Keep checking back in as I am always adding new designs. As ever dachshunds are big on personality and long on inspiration.

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