Dachshund Prints

Adoration of the Dachsi

Would Picasso or Matisse mind my playful parodies of their nest work becoming witty dachshund wall art? Dachshunds are the Design Classics. The Spitfire of the dog world. What they lack in legs they more than make up for in personality. It is no surprise that they have been beloved of so many creative people. They have been portrayed in the world of Fine Art by so many famous names. It has been a challenge and a delight to mimic their work and include a small familiar long dog somewhere within. Would like to think it has added that extra dimension. They just sneak into paintings when your back is turned.

Reproduced in short print runs, each signed print is also available as a greetings card. Smaller size available framed with or without simple Beechwood frame. Large size are sold unframed. A selection are finished with a detail of the inquisitive hound collaged from mixed paper ephemera. This may vary as does the weather.