This card pays homage to Hockney's swimming pool painting with a dachshund emerging from his friends swimming pool.

Hockney Dachshund


Everday Gift Card

The Hockney Dachshund is actually our own Ned getting out of Henry’s Pool. This card design pays homage to Hockney and his iconic pool painting. We see our own adored dachshund emerging from the swimming pool in a sunny Californian setting. An everyday greeting to lift the spirits. Surely dachshund loving Mr Hockney would approve.
Card size 144 x 144mm each packed in biodegradable cello bag with a white envelope.


In this homage to Hockney we see Ned as the Hockney dachshund getting out of Henry’s Pool.
Hockney’s iconic painting of Nick getting out of Peter’s Pool is seen through the eyes of the dachshund.
Set in Californian sunshine we see our own adored dachshund emerging from the pool to produce an everyday greeting to lift the spirits.
Dachshund loving David Hockney would surely approve of this parody.